Counter Psoriasis Medication

best OTC psoriasis treatment

Top Rated Over the Counter Psoriasis Medication

Psoriasis is usually a Long-term pores and skin condition that will come and goes. It seems to go into remission and then will get even worse for no clear cause. The patchy, dry, purple parts of skin can range from mildly irritating to debilitating. A variety of about-the-counter, or OTC, medicines can be found for cure as well as mild therapy and home cures. The next listing incorporates several of the prime OTC solutions recommended by Mayo Clinic team.


Corticosteroids used topically to Energetic regions of psoriasis can slow the hyper-technology of pores and skin cells by suppressing the body’s immune method. That subsequently can help end the itching and inflammation on the condition. It is accessible in many different strengths and formulation for delicate parts, for example across the facial area and genitals, to scalp formulas. Cleveland Clinic staff propose brand names like Cortaid and Cortisone 10t.

Vitamin D Cream

OTC psoriasis treatment

Vitamin D cream in artificial form also slows the growth of pores and skin cells to lessen the itching and ache of psoriasis. It is out there in different kinds including Harvest Moon Health supplements BioEntopic All-natural Vitamin D3 Creme.


Mayo Clinic staff members users say anthralin normalizes DNA action in pores and skin cells to provide relief to the psoriasis sufferer. In accordance with Skin, anthralin is on the market as Dithrocream in remedies from 0.1 % to 0.five %, DithrocreamHP one p.c, Dithroscalp 0.25 per cent and 0.five per cent and Micanol one p.c. Topical use may perhaps permanently stain apparel.

Vitamin A Cream

Vitamin A product also slows skin mobile advancement and eases itching and pain. Retinol A Cream can be an example of an OTC kind of the cream, that's also made use of as an “anti-wrinkle” cream


Moisturizers help gradual scaling, strengthen dryness and lessen itching. Some widespread types of moisturizers consist of Vaseline and Aquaphor.

best OTC psoriasis treatment

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